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 our sweet STORY 

 why we love what we do

Our story started with the belief that business is to make a difference, creating value, wealth and doing or enabling something good for family, friends and the community. Real wealth is time and freedom. Real life is living this out with a healthy lifestyle. Here is where we started off with the honey business besides also involving into sports business and internet retailing focusing on wellness and lifestyle.

Nutrition and overall wellness are keys to quality living. Honey represents one of the only foods known to have all the nutrients needed to sustain life. We aspire to be in the business of giving life by our actions and words.

Values are created when there are convenience, availability, promptness and affordability of a quality product or service. Therefore, we want our product to be always available, affordable and reaching consumers in the shortest possible time.

ALSHIFA is our choice of a quality yet reasonably priced honey brand that we select to be part of our business journey.

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