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Kelulut UINAH Borneo Honey 340G

Kelulut UINAH Borneo Honey 340G


UINAH Borneo Kelulut Honey 340g in transparent glass bottle comes from the unique Trigona stingless bee species found in the paradise of Borneo.

  • High quality 100% pure natural honey. 
  • Halal Certified.   
  • Locally sourced.
  • Unpasteurised, to keep all health benefits of the Honey.
  • Filtered (Filtering removes bee parts, wax and solids, including the majority of pollen that can hasten crystallization. 
  • This flavourful honey is famous for its health and anti-aging benefits that result in youthful skin!


    • Enhance beautiful skin
    • Contains anti-aging properties
    • Rich in health nutrients
    • Helps boost immune system
    • Higher antimicrobial compared to other honey


    • Less sweet (Sour in taste)
    • Lower in calories 


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