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Honey, a natural and ancient treasure
one of the only foods known to have all the nutrients needed to sustain life

Acacia Honey
Sidr Honey
Black Forest Honey
Natural Honey
have a sweet and pleasant shopping experience with us

We are a Singapore online honey retailer and distributor. Our primary honey brand is the Al Shifa Honey, a trusted household name across Saudi Arabia and beyond.

~  Y-Resources International Pte. Ltd.



Highly Recommended! I like the rich taste and smooth texture of AL SHIFA honeys. The best is still the Sidr Honey! Overall, I can feel the good effects and outcome. Great nutritional food and for general wellbeing. Very suitable and effective for me, especially when I have a sore throat and cough.

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I love the black forest honey as it goes best with my breakfast, whether it's pancakes or waffles. It's not too sweet and has a very unique taste to it. I also heard about its healing properties and tried it the few times I got a sore throat. No idea how it works but it definitely does!

— Denise

Honey with great benefits. A must have in everyone's home. For me and my family it's a daily supplement to complete our breakfast. I choose the Sidr Honey, because of the thick smooth and sweet taste. The kids love it too!. Thanks To Mr Hoi Meng for introducing the honey to us!

I had tried all types of honey bought from the seller, Hoi Meng. The taste was natural and good! Preferred Sidr and Blackforest honey! One teaspoon of honey every morning keeps the doctor away.