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Honey, a natural and ancient treasure
one of the only foods known to have all the nutrients needed to sustain life

Acacia Honey
Sidr Honey
Black Forest Honey
Natural Honey
have a sweet and pleasant shopping experience with us

We are a Singapore online honey retailer and distributor. Our primary honey brand is the Al Shifa Honey, a trusted household name across Saudi Arabia and beyond.

~  Y-Resources International Pte. Ltd.



Highly Recommended! I like the rich taste and smooth texture of AL SHIFA honeys. The best is still the Sidr Honey! Overall, I can feel the good effects and outcome. Great nutritional food and for general wellbeing. Very suitable and effective for me, especially when I have a sore throat and cough.

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I love the black forest honey as it goes best with my breakfast, whether it's pancakes or waffles. It's not too sweet and has a very unique taste to it. I also heard about its healing properties and tried it the few times I got a sore throat. No idea how it works but it definitely does!

— Denise

Honey with great benefits. A must have in everyone's home. For me and my family it's a daily supplement to complete our breakfast. I choose the Sidr Honey, because of the thick smooth and sweet taste. The kids love it too!. Thanks To Mr Hoi Meng for introducing the honey to us!

I had tried all types of honey bought from the seller, Hoi Meng. The taste was natural and good! Preferred Sidr and Blackforest honey! One teaspoon of honey every morning keeps the doctor away.

— Suhaimi

— Janet

Kelulut Uinah Borneo Honey

Taste: Refreshing Quality:Good Super fast delivery, item received in good condition with bubble packed and came with a small bottle of honey as free gift. 😊 Good quality honey that is not too sweet and with a bit of sour taste. Refeshing drink with benefits of stingless bee honey. A good option for such hot weather.

— oniygsfit3 (Shopee)

Natural Honey

Quality: Best Taste:Best Thank you for the small 🎁! Item was packed really well. I love this honey. I must say it's sunnah and my staple food. It's why I always buy 1kg container. :) This honey is safe enough for me as I will not get gastric from the gas of some honey. Recommended honey and seller. :) Barakallahu feek.

— mengolly8 (Shopee)

Natural Honey

First time purchasing from the seller (very responsive and transparent). Packaging shows thoughtfulness (wrapped carefully!) and received within 2 days! I believe the taste will be delicious as the shop/seller alrd have great first impression. Can't wait to try it, if taste is good will buy again!

— mean_honey (Shopee)

Sidr & Acacia Honey

Items well packed and recieved in good condition. Super fast delivery within 2 days. Seller is nice to give a small bottle of honey as free gift. Sidr honey is known for its medicinal properties and rich source of antioxidants. While Acacia honey is good for baking. New stock produced in 2021.

— oniygsfit3 (Shopee)

Black Forest Honey

.Bought on 6.6 sale. Received on 8.6. Item was packed really well. With foam on the outside and also inside of the box wrapping my honey. Also new product with long expiry date. Glad to receive an additional small bottle of honey as well. Recommended purchase.

— Muhammad F (Lazada)

Natural Honey

item well received 🥺 this is by far one of my greatest experience in carousell. seller was really calm in answering my questions, even share the way on how to do the honey. and thankyou for the free gift facemask with the mask extender! i love maroon and it looks so pretty! will definitely purchase more from this amazing seller. highly recommended 😭❤️

— bonecase (Carousell)

Sidr Honey

Quality:Very good quality. A little goes a long way Packaging:Well packed. Comes in a vey nice box for the honey Taste:Not sweet and not bitter Seller has always been prompt in delivery. Honey is authentic.

—  crinum(Shopee)

Natural Honey

Packaging:good. bubble wrapped in a box 👍🏻 with fragile sticker. Taste:al shifa honey is our family fav honey quick delivery. expiry 2026. thank u seller. first time buying a squeeze bottle. very convenient to dispense..

— ayuchuni (Shopee)

Natural Honey

Packaging:Super secure Taste:Goood! Quality:Good! *Labelled was peeled off before I took a photo n video.* Don't have to think twice about buying your honey from this shop. It came well wrapped! The jar was wrap on ALOT of bubble wrap then places in a box. It is then bubble wrapped again! And I've tasted the honey, it was good! Thank you!

— by_ellienellie  (Shopee)

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